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VISION "Restore the image of God"

“Jehovah will always lead thee, satisfying your soul, and strengthening your bones, even in dry places. You will be like a garden of water, and like a fountain that never cuts off.” Isaiah 58:11

  • Restoration of relationship with God | Forgiveness and Salvation | Worship and prayer

  • Living with Jesus | The character and fruit of Jesus | Education and fellowship

  • Living by the Holy Spirit | Mission and the work of the Holy Spirit | Mission and service


The church we dream of

1) Worshiping Church-Worship Ministry

2) Church of Prayer-Friday prayer meeting, prayer, intercession ministry

3) Teaching Church-Education ministries for believers and the next generation to restore the image of God

4) Missionary Church-Domestic evangelism, overseas mission, and non-independent church service ministry

우리안에 성령이 계십니다_교회표어.jpg

Church slogan of 2021

I am a sheep

“My sheep, the sheep of my pasture, you are men, and I am your God.

Saith the Sovereign LORD” Ezekiel 34:31


2021년 교회표어

나는 양 입니다​


“내 양 곧 내 초장의 양 너희는 사람이요 나는 너희 하나님이라

주 여호와의 말씀이니라” 에스겔 34장31절


2020 Church slogan

Muldan Garden Church~ Let God's dream become my vision!

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to his will.” Romans 8:28


Church slogan for 2019

Muldan Garden Church~ Look at God who is attaining!

“The Holy Spirit of the Lord has come upon me, for anointing me to preach the gospel to the poor, and sending me to preach freedom to the captive, to see the blind again, to set free the oppressed and to preach the harm of your grace. That he might do it” Luke 4:18-19


Church slogan of 2018

Muldan Garden Church~ Become a forest!

“At last he will pour out the Spirit upon us from above, and the wilderness will become a beautiful field, and a beautiful field will be regarded as a forest. ” Isaiah 32:15

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