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Restore the image of God

“Jehovah will always lead you to satisfy your soul even in dry places,

I will make your bones strong, and you will be like a garden covered with water.

And the water will be like a fountain that never cuts off.”

Isaiah 58:11

New Family Gospel School

New Family Gospel School is a process of presenting the Gospel to believers who first received Jesus and building the foundation of their faith.

In addition, for existing believers who have already accepted Jesus Christ, the Gospel is once again organized,

It is a process that checks the assurance of salvation, has a sense of belonging to the church, and helps in the settlement of the church.

The target is for registered members, and it is a 6-week course.

New Family Gospel School

After registering a new family,

The 6-week course of the New Family Gospel School


Bible Academy

To read and meditate on 66 books of the Bible.

Old Testament Panorama, New Testament Panorama

The Old Testament Core Theorem, The New Testament Core Theorem


Prayer school

A life of intimate fellowship with God

Enjoy a life filled with the Holy Spirit

Prayer training so that you can live


DTS course

(Discipleship Training School)

By restoring the image of God

Jesus can live his life as a disciple

It is a process of training so that

DTS (Discipleship Training School)

It is a process of training Jesus to live as a disciple by restoring the image of God.

It is a nurturing school to be established as a prepared worker of the church. The courses are 12 weeks in length and are conducted twice a year.

Targets are those who have completed the New Family Gospel School and have completed at least 2 Bible Academy courses.

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