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이재철목사 '그리스도인의 길' (물댄동산교회)
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온라인 헌금안내

계좌 : 신협, 131-019-728433, 대한예수교장로회물댄동산교회

교회 앞 도로 주차 안내

​주일 : 오전8시30분 ~ 오후4시 주차 가능

​평일 : 오전11시 ~ 오후2시 주차 가능, 그외 시간 주차단속

Parenting training
Missionary work
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2021 I am a sheep!

“My sheep, the sheep of my pasture, ye are men, and I am your God, the word of the Sovereign LORD.” Ezekiel 34:31

2021 is a year to focus on worship and prayer. As we are still confronted with a chaotic society and an unknown future, the way to live unshakable is to look to God, who is always unchanged. In order to do that, we must clearly know who God is, and clearly understand how weak humans should stand before that God, and live with that proper attitude of life. That is worship and prayer. We must meet God through worship and fulfill God's will through prayer. In that sense, I hope that 2021 will be a blessed year for all of us to become full worshipers.


Garden seed

Kindergarten | 5 to 7 years old

Sunday 11:30 am | 5th floor kids hall

Worship that responds by imagining with love


Garden Kids

Elementary school | Elementary student

Sunday 11:30 am | 5th floor teens hall

Worship that rejoices in discovery


Garden Teens

Youth Department | Middle and high school students

Sunday 9:50 a.m.| 5th floor teens hall

Worship of identity and vision

여름수련회 단체사진.jpg

Garden Leader

Youth group

Thursday 8 o'clock | 5th floor teens hall

Worship of maturity and calling

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